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exposedtothelightcoverExposed In The Light
The Australian Pink Floyd Show
Studio: Townsend Import
Released: October 9, 2012
Reviewed: October 14, 2012

Exposed In The Light is the second DVD offering the Pink Floyd tribute band, The Australian Pink Floyd Show - “the biggest and most spectacular Pink Floyd Show on the planet”.

And what an incredible DVD it is.

I say that even on the heels of having had the privilege of, a) having just seen the show livehere in the Dallas area and, b) interviewing the band’s keyboardist,Jason Sawford. The concert – and this DVD – is a treasure chest of massive stimulation, both audio and visual.

As my luck would have it, this particular DVD offers a show that is partially close to the set list they played while here. The only way one could be any more pleased than that would be if these highly talented Aussie’s were to follow the lead of The Who and offer attendees the opportunity to purchase CDs and DVDs of the show they attended.

But that’s a topic for another conversation on down the road.

Back to the set list: The DVD consists of Aussie Floyd’s treatment of:

In The Flesh?

Astronomy Domine

Take It Back

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

High Hopes


Time/Breathe Reprise

The Great Gig In The Sky

Pings (Three Different Ones)

The Fletcher Memorial Home

Keep Talking

Us and Them

One Of These Days

Comfortably Numb

Interspersed between the tunes are candid shots of the band during set up, rehearsals, on the tour bus, and other off-stage environments. Watching them perform in all uber-seriousness and then watching their antics backstage and on the bus gives an entirely different perspective of this highly talented band and the crew that helps them make it all possible.

Viewing this superbly produced disc will give you a prime opportunity to learn why The Australian Pink Floyd is referred to as the “gold standard” of tribute bands by The Times Newspaper in London. Even if you already own the various Pink Floyd DVDs (either by the entire group or the solo offerings by the band members) or even the previous Australian Pink Floyd Show DVD (Live At The Hammersmith Apollo 2012), Pink Floyd and Australian Pink Floyd fans alike will definitely want to have Exposed In The Lightas part of their private DVD library.