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Jeff Powers

Jeff Powers

Label: Whiskey Island Records

Review Date: May 29, 2012


There’s nothing like finding out about a little known but awesome talent and get to be the one telling the world about them.  It doesn’t happen very often but, when it does, it’s a real personal treat.  This is one of those cases.  To put it short and sweet, Jeff Powers is awesome and his new, self-titled CD is an excellent showcase of his incredible talent. 

Powers lived as a self-confessed illegal alien in Mexico City for 7 years, teaching classical guitar before quitting and making a meager living playing blues in small clubs. He eventually returned to Cleveland to further pursue his passion for the blues guitar on his home turf.  During this entire time, he honed and developed his own style of blues guitar built around his classical guitar technique.  The results are nothing short of stunning and, as I’ve already said, are brilliantly showcased on this CD. 

The whole album is great but I’ll highlight three Boomerocity favorites for you to give you an example. 

First, is the CSNY-esque 13 Seconds 67 Shots (Kent State Massacre).  All I can say is that this haunting tune flashes the listener back 32 years to that fateful, tragic day.  You can’t help but hear the shots and feel the horror as Powers sings and plays this song.  Well worth the price of the CD just for that one song. 

Waiting for the Axe to Fall has a real Neil Young vibe to it but with a totally Jeff Powers sound, if that makes any sense.  It will bury it’s melody into your brain, creating a very pleasant earworm that you won’t mind having. 

Another great tune is Ray of Hope. A simple yet haunting tune, it hangs on the thoughts and emotions like every well written song does.  Again, well worth the price of the CD by itself. 

Keep an eye on Jeff Powers. I certainly am. I think we’re going to be hearing a lot of great stuff from him for many years to come.


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