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knightedbythebluescoverKnighted By The Blues
Artist: Rick Derringer
Label: Blues Bureau International
Reviewed: May, 2009

“Knighted By The Blues” clocks in as Rick Derringer’s 40th album/CD in his long and legendary career. This doesn’t even count the countless discs that he’s played and/or produced with many other artists or, for that matter, the myriad of soundtracks that he’s either worked on or his work was used.

To say that “Knighted” is a “must own” by Derringer fans would be an understatement. His signature guitar work is as great as ever and his voice doesn’t seem to have changed one bit since “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” was first released. How many of us can say that?

This album is a huge treat! It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite tune so I’ll narrow it to two . . . but it’s a hard “two” to pick. Okay, I’m going to make it three and in no particular order, alright? Those three songs are the title cut, the incredible “Sometimes” and “If 6 Was 9”, which is a tune written and recorded by Jimi Hendrix on his “Axis: Bold As Love” LP.

The album’s namesake song, “Knighted By The Blues”, is a great, slow blues tune that is sure to chill out its listener on the first play. Rick’s vocals are smooth as is his fret work. While listening to this cut repeatedly, it began to make me wonder if the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn wasn’t influenced by Derringers interpretation of the blues. I suppose that we’ll never know.

The one song that Rick says is commanding a lot of attention by the radio stations is “Sometimes”, and I can see why. When you hear this song for the first time, it grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let you go until it’s darn well ready to. Be warned! Don’t listen to this song while driving. There’s something about the tune that makes you want to put the pedal to the metal and make the roads melt.spacerun: yes;"> This song is destined to be a crowd pleaser for Rick for years to come. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear this song used in a car commercial or some incredible scene in a movie. It’s THAT good!

Derringer’s interpretation of Hendrix’s, “If 6 Was 9”, would make Jimi stand up and take notice. Besides the fact that seeing Hendrix stand up today would scare the rain right out of our clouds, I would dare say that Rick’s version would give the original a run for its money. I don’t think Jimi would mind a bit. Can you imagine what it would sound like to hear Hendrix and Derringer jam together? Dwell on that thought for a minute or two!