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Live Blood

Peter Gabriel

Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Review Date: April 22, 2012



Just when you think you have Peter Gabriel all figured out, he surprises his fans with yet another innovative approach to musical performance. This time, it’s with his new live CD entitled Live Blood. Recorded at the beautifully simple and iconic Hammersmith Apollo in London in March of last year, the acoustics of the venue positively adds to the music that you didn’t think could be augmented. 


Forgoing drums and guitars of a usual rock show – even a progressive rock show like Gabriel’s, the distinguished artist instead implemented the 46-piece New Blood Orchestra. In doing so, he “re-imagined” some of his best known songs with awe-inspiring orchestral arrangements.  


Picking the Boomerocity short list of favorites is difficult.  In the battle for first is Gabriel’s treatment of Paul Simon’s The Boy in the Bubble.  As he did on the Scratch My Back album, Peter dials this back a few beats per second as compared to Simon’s original.  In a live setting with full orchestra, it really does have a spine tingling effect. 


Coincidentally, a second choice for our short list is another tune Gabriel recorded on Scratch My Back The Power of the Heart, which was written by Lou Reed.  As with Bubble, this live version gives chills to the body and leaves your mouth open from its beauty. 


Last but certainly not least on the Boomerocity short list of favorites is Red Rain which comes from Peter’s chart topping 1986 album, So.  Just as the 3D video of this tune is mind-blowing, just listening to the audio is an incredible experience in and of itself.  Add to that experience by listening through a great pair of headphones and you’re in for an unforgettable experience. 


Fans of prog, Gabriel and earlier Genesis will definitely want this CD in their listening library. You won’t be disappointed.




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