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Long Road Back
Todd Wolfe Band
Label: American Showplace
Release Date: September 18, 2015
Review Date: September 13, 2015

Only the most astute rock fans would know who Todd Wolfe is so let me fill you in on this monster on the guitar.

Sheryl Crow, who Todd is known for his work with, said, “Todd Wolfe is one of the best guitarists I’ve ever played with.”

Boomerocity fave, Leslie West, says this about Wolfe: “There are very few guitar players I like better than myself. Todd Wolfe is one of them.”

Blues man, Sonny Landreth, said, “I’ve been a fan of Todd’s for years and have always looked forward to the shows we do together. A multi-talented guitarist, singer/songwriter, he is an inspiring artists in his own right.”

With accolades from such a stellar group of people, it’s easy to see why the latest release by the Todd Wolfe Band, “Long Road Back”, is so heavily anticipated.

The band is a tight, well-oiled musical machine and has released some of the freshest, newest rock, blues, roots, and jam music you’ll hear this year.

Of the twelve tunes on the disc, ten are originals by Wolfe, including the title cut. He also provides masterful, unique treatments of the Cream classic, “Outside Woman Blues” and “Black Queen” by Stephen Stills. But make no mistake about it: any one of the twelve cuts are worth the price of the entire album.

Yeah, it’s that good.