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Marble City Rhythm
Eric Caldwell
Label: Segue
Review Date: July 5, 2015


My eyes and ears are always open for new music . . . especially by local talent . . . wherever I happen to call “local”.  In my home region of East Tennessee, I know that there’s lots of great talent. One such talent is a gentleman by the name of Eric Caldwell.

I was introduced to Eric by the assistant manager of a restaurant that I frequent. She played a cut from Mr. Caldwell’s recently released EP. When I expressed my interest in the album, she introduced us and information was exchanged, including the EP, “Marble City Rhythm”. 

The EP is a five song treasure chest of original tunes written by Eric. With a folksy, Americana vibe with dashes of Bob Dylan and Dave Matthews grooves thrown in for additional flavor, this disc is a true joy and delight to listen to. 

Each of the five cuts are great but the Boomerocity favorite is the haunting, “This Little Shade of Mine”. Simple but with depth that embeds itself into the psyche of the listener. 

Yeah, it’s that good.

Listen to “Marble City Rhythm” here on SoundCloud.