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Me, Myself & I
Stephen Anthon Gregory
Label: Sword & Cross Records
Review Date: June 08, 2014

Once in a while I get a pleasant surprise in the mail in the form of a CD of a highly talented act who is making their way in the music business. This happened very recently when I received the new EP CD of a hot guitarist out of Thousand Oaks, California by the name of Stephen Anthony Gregory. The name of the disc is “Me, Myself & I” and it is an amazing collection of some very, very, very good guitar work.

Did I say he was very, very good?  He is.

If you like guitar work by the likes of Eric Johnson, Steve Vai or Ethan Brosh, you’re going to love what Gregory is offering up.  Playing all the instruments (including killer – and I do mean killer – guitar) Stephen is a multi-instrumental virtuoso. 

The quality of the composition on all four songs is outstanding. They segue from one mood to another but all pushing the listener to the audiophonic edge. I’ve listened to the disc countless times and I hear something new and spellbinding each time.  I would put any of the four tunes up against anything being offered by major artists on major labels.

If you’re like me and like to discover musical gems that are best kept secrets, you’ll definitely want to visit and pick up a copy of “Me, Myself & I”.