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Photo By James Robert PattersonPhoto By James Robert PattersonMelissa Etheridge

July 19, 2016

Tennessee Theatre

Opening Act: Count This Penny

Tuesday night’s concert by Melissa Etheridge at Knoxville’s historic Tennessee Theatre was definitely one for the record books. From the delightfully entertaining and funny opening act – folk duo, Count This Penny – to Etheridge’s high energy performance, the highly enthusiastic crowd left blissfully exhausted.

Count This Penny is a husband and wife duo (Amanda and Allen Rigell) who are originally from Oak Ridge and now call Wisconsin home . . . but we won’t hold that against them. They are refreshingly folksy with an incredible sense of quirky humor. I’m definitely interested in seeing more of those two.

After a brief intermission, Melissa entered the stage with her drummer and bass player, hitting the ground running and not letting go of the crowd until she was sufficiently pleased with her performance. She delivered all of the favorites – as well as her new single, “Pulse” – to an exuberant who lapped up all that she had to offer.

The sound was great and made only better by the incredible acoustics of the Tennessee Theatre. Melissa also made it known that she and her wife enjoyed meandering around downtown Knoxville – especially Market Square – and told what restaurants and stores she visited. This only endeared herself even more to the adoring crowd.

This was the first time I had the privilege of catching an Etheridge show. I can guarantee you that, if I can help it, it won’t be my last.