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Mississippi Mōderne
Webb Wilder
Label: Landslide Records
Release Date: September 25, 2015
Review Date: September 20, 2015


“Mississippi Mōderne” is the first album by 2011 Mississippi Musicians Hall of Famer, Webb Wilder, in six years and fans will agree that, while way over due, the disc has been well worth the wait.

Wilder has put together a riveting disc that pays homage to his home state through an incredible batch of original material, coupled with his treatment of works by artists that stretch from tunes by the Kinks to Charlie Rich and Jimmy Reed. Like a tight, smooth, well oiled machine, his highly accomplished and longtime bandmates, the Beatnecks (Tom Comet, bass, Bob Williams, guitar, and Jimmy Lester, drums), “Mississippi Mōderne” succinctly nails Wilder’s signature, raucous style.

Tracked at Studio 19 (originally Scotty Moore’s Music City Recorders) in Nashville and produced by Wilder, Tom Comet, Bob Williams and Joe McMahan, “Mississippi Mōderne” shows that the man has, without question, furthered his charismatic singing style via his unique brand of energized rock and roll music.  

The Hattiesburg, Mississippi, native first hit nationally in 1986 with the now iconic classic, It Came from Nashville, and ever since he has confounded a slew of fans and critics attempting to define and categorize his style. As 20th Century Guitar Magazine noted, Wilder is “a master at scrambling the sounds, songs and threads of country, blues, British rock, rockabilly, and the freedom and emotion of soul music.”  Wilder has always described his sound as simply “a roots band for rock fans and a rock band for roots fans.  On ‘Mississippi Mōderne’, we’ve kept some of our trademark craziness, but there’s also a lot of roots solidity and some balladry to boot.” 

I hate to call out any favorites but “Too Much Sugar For A Nickel” should be slated for rotation on Country radio and, if not, why not? Wilder’s treatment of the Conway Twitty tune, “Lonely Blue Boy”, is a delicious little treat that shouldn’t be missed as his cover of the Jimmy Reed song, “I’m Gonna Get My Baby”. 

If you’re looking to beef up your listening library with top shelf music, “Mississippi Mōderne” is more than worthy of your consideration.