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Morose Tales From The Left Coast
Sky King
Label: Blowin’ Smoke Records
Released: November 1, 2013
Reviewed: January 12, 2014

What would one get if a creative scientist mixed in equal parts of Steely Dan, R&B and Rock?  You would get the SoCal band, Sky King.

I know what you baby boomers are thinking. You’re thinking that this is a band that somehow commemorates the Sky King television series that was so popular during the entire decade of the 50’s.  No, this Sky King consists of lead guitarist, Walter Morosko, rhythm guitarist, Garth Farkas, and a former bassist for the legendary rock group, Spirit, Larry “Fuzzy” Knight.

Together, the dynamic trio has just released their thirteen song debut album, Morose Tales From The Left Coast.  And what an album it is!

The album opens with a tune, Poor House, (that, at first, reminded me of Free’s All Right Now) which is undoubtedly gets crowds on their feet and closes with the slow, bluesy Alone.  In between are eleven superbly written and performed tunes that are chock full of great horn and percussion work.

The three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from Morose Tales From The Left Coast are:

    * The lively and very danceable Inside Out.  Morosko’s smooth vocals are showcased nicely as is the excellent musicianship by the rest of the band.

    * The Marshall Tucker-esque Blue Skies.  This fully backed song could also be nicely performed acoustically without losing its punch.

    * Living the Blues has got a nice Stray Cats vibe to it. Smooth, slinky, and uber cool.  This would be THE Boomerocity favorite.

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