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Mother Blues
Rachelle Coba
Label: Mono Records
Review Date: June 29, 2014

As I’ve said in previous reviews of other CDs, I often receive discs in the mail asking if I would review or otherwise plug them on Boomerocity.  Since I only write positive reviews, I make sure that the discs covered are ones that I genuinely feel that Boomerocity readers will enjoy hearing about. I especially love making readers aware of undiscovered talent – ‘specially blues talent.

I recently received “Mother Blues” by Rachelle Coba and, boy, was I ever blown away!  This woman has been to the crossroads and oozes the blues.  Formally trained in classical guitar, she has culled her higher education on high-brow guitar into a signature blues sound that is all her own. This has resulted in Rachelle being asked to back such blues pros as Super Chikan and Ablert Castiglia as well as played with greats from Maria Muldaur to Buddy Guy. She has also served as music director for blues great, Matt Murphy.

Coba’s debut album, “Mother Blues” is a twelve song treasure chest of delightful blues.  Her voice is at times silky smooth and, at other times, raw and gritty as needed . . . just like her guitar playing.
All twelve cuts on this disc are great. Here are three randomly chosen tunes that I’d like to highlight:

“Ain’t Got Time (To Fall In Love)” is smooth as silk in a Bonnie Raitt kind of way – and that’s not a compliment I give lightly.

“Between The Tracks” is one of those songs that will find the listener slapping the repeat button infinitely. The hooks on this tune will stay in your mind for days at a time. The smoothness of the vocals - as well as the guitar work - is phenomenal.  This one song alone is worth the price of the entire disc. Yeah, it’s that good.

“Telephone Song” is as gritty as the aforementioned songs are smooth, showcasing Coba’s versatility as an artist, performer and songwriter.  As with all of the other songs, this one also is worthy of unlimited slaps of the repeat button.

I’ve not had a chance to catch Rachelle live but, from I’ve been able to see on YouTube, the lady has what it takes to catapult to the top of blues charts around the world.  Keep an eye on this girl. We’re going to hear a lot more about her in the years to come in the blues world.