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takingittothestreetcoverTaking It To The Street

Tony Campanella

Label: Gulf Coast Records

Release Date: April, 2019

A veteran blues artist from the St. Louis area, Tony Campanella has been playing for over twenty-five years. Campanella has drawn from his life experiences to bring purpose to his playing and songwriting.

Boomerocity loves Taking It To The Street for its raw, gritty, hard-driving blues in the of Clapton, Cream, The Yardbirds, Zeppelin, and Aerosmith. This disc found us slapping the repeat button repeatedly and you will, too.

If you love hard driving, down and dirty blues played as it should be played, then Boomerocity strongly encourages you to order this album. It fits the bill.

If you find yourself in the St. Louis area, you’ll definitely want to look up Campanella and see what the locals have seen for over 25 years: an accomplished, top-shelf blues man.

Yeah, he’s that good.