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dontwannafeelcoverDont Wanna Feel


Label: Indie

Review Date: June 24, 2020

As Boomerocity readers know, we just LOVE turning you on to great indie talent wherever they may be found. I happened to find one in my own backyard in Nashville, TN. The group is a trio of young men who call themselves DRUMRZ and consist of Nick Amend on guitar Gray Perry on bass, and my good friend, Kirk Gower on drums.

Boomers, don’t turn your nose up at these guys just because they’re millennials. These young men are genuinely good. To me, they conjure up memories of Badfinger (with a little bit of Green Day thrown in for updating reasons) and if Bandfinger was good drumrzgroupshotL-R: Gray Perry, Nick Amend, and Kirk Gowerenough for George Harrison, just imagine what he would think of Drumrz.

Drumrz’s debut EP, Dont Wanna Feel is a six-song offering of well-written, well-performed, and well-recorded songs. They really, truly are. Strong. Precise. Edgy (did I really use that word? I did but it’s bang-on). Relevant. These guys are good.

Really good.

The recording quality for of the EP is remarkable for an indie band. For example, the title cut definitely has that Badfinger/Green Day sound that sounds as if it’s being performed at a massive festival somewhere on the globe. Yet, it’s crystal clear. How’d they do it? Dunno but I’m slapping the repeat button on this thing. It’s that good.

Find out more about Drumrz and keep up with their ascension in the music business (and they have what it takes to make it), look them up on Facebook and give them a listen on SoundCloud.