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Rich Mullins black and white short hairThe Work You Began: The Last Days of Rich Mullins
A documentary film by Andrew Montonera
Available On YouTube
Released: December 31, 2020

If you were a listener to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s you would’ve heard the music of the late Rich Mullins. I have always considered Mullins and the late Keith Green as the Bob Dylan’s of CCM. Both men were influential and prolific recording artists in their brief life and careers and they both wrote some of the most challenging and thought-provoking music that still stands today.

Rich Mullins wrote such CCM classics as “Awesome God”, “Sometimes By Step” and “Hold Me Jesus”. Considered radical by many of the faith, his life matched his message.

Mullins was killed in an accident in 1997 after spending a few weeks in Elgin, Illinois, working on some demos that ultimately “The Jesus Record” – his last record.

Andrew Montonera researched and filmed interviews with various members of the Kruse family who were his hosts in the last weeks of Rich Mullins’ life. The result is an in-depth documentary titled, “The Work You Began: The Last Days of Rich Mullins” and is offered free for the viewing on YouTube.

According to the YouTube entry, “This documentary is a heartfelt gift to Rich's fans, friends and the Kruse family, and was a created purely as a labor of love. For that reason, no money will be made from this project and the film is being presented, with the permission of the filmmaker, for free— exclusively on Ragamuffin Archive.”

Because of the memory and impact of Rich Mullins and his music as well as the giving spirit of Andrew Montonera, Boomerocity is glad to make you aware of this great documentary. You can watch it here by clicking above.