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No Means Of Escape



Studio: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Review Date: October 25, 2015


Eagle Rock Entertainment will issue the simultaneous release of Nazareth’s No Means Of Escape on DVD and Blu-ray [MSRP $19.98 Blu-ray, $14.98 DVD]. 

As a kid in high school, one of the biggest songs of the times was Nazareth’s “Love Hurts”. In the years since, everytime I’ve heard that song on the radio, I instantly flash back to dances at Moon Valley High School and slow dancing with whomever I had the nerve to ask to dance.

Nazareth brings back those audio memories of yesteryear with brilliant concert footage, to boot, in their new concert film, No Means Of Escape.

The film brilliantly combines two films: a live set and a documentary. Live At Metropolis was filmed before a select audience at London’s famous Metropolis Studios. The documentary Made In Scotland tells the full story of Nazareth’s remarkable career from their formation in 1968, to their breakthrough in the 1970s and their ongoing career in the present day. 

Celebrating the band’s history, the cover art on No Means Of Escape features a new version of the classic character created for Nazareth’s 1979 album No Mean City by fantasy artist Rodney Matthews. Digitally, this material will be made available as two separate elements: Live At Metropolis and Made In Scotland,

For those fans wanting to know which line-up is at play on the offering, here it is:

Linton Osborne – lead vocals

Pete Agnew – bass

Jimmy Murrison – guitar

Lee Agnew - drums

The concert itself features hit tracks and album favorites including “Love Hurts” (YAY!), “Hair Of The Dog,” “Razamanaz,” “May The Sun Shine,” “Bad Bad Boy,” “This Flight Tonight,” “Expect No Mercy,” and many more!  The documentary contains classic footage and new interviews with past and present members of the band including now retired lead singer Dan McCafferty.  

In addition to the concert film and documentary, No Means Of Escape includes an acoustic session track “This Flight Tonight,” and additional interviews with Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew as bonus features. 

Between the incredible live set and the story of the band presented by the men themselves, No Means Of Escape is a double-dose of Nazareth that fans won’t want to miss.