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 Not Ready To Say Goodbye (Single)

The Babys

SkyRocket Entertainment

Reviewed: January 26, 2013


Turn on any classic rock radio station across America and you'll invariably hear their timeless music. Best known for the smash hits Isn't It Time, Every Time I Think of You, Head First, and Back on My Feet Again, '70s hard rock hit makers, The Babys have reformed after a thirty-three year absence from the music scene (and inked a new record deal with SkyRocket Entertainment, a division of Rocket Science Ventures.)  


“We've had numerous offers through the years for the Babys to reform," said Wally Stocker. "The whole premise of this band is to keep The Babys alive and have a good time doing it." 


The 2013 lineup of The Babys features original members, lead guitarist Wally Stocker and drummer Tony Brock along with new recruits: lead vocalist/bassist John Bisaha and Joey Sykes on rhythm guitar. Of the new members, Brock raves: "John Bisaha is an incredible singer. When I was holding auditions, we had singers lined up around the block to join the band and John was better than anybody." Adds Stocker about his new six-string comrade in arms: "Joey Sykes adds a whole new dimension to the band and has a style that works well in tandem with me."  


 Not Ready to Say Goodbye, the band's first new recording in over three decades, is available exclusively on iTunes. The track evokes the spirit of past Babys hits Isn't It Time and Every Time I Think of You. "When releasing our first single we discussed that it had to have the flavor of what we were known for some thirty-odd years ago," observes Stocker.  Adds Brock: "It was just magical putting the new song together. By the time I finished putting brass and strings on it, I knew we had the goods." 


Concurrent with the single release, the band just wrapped filming of their new videofor the track which premiered the same day on the band's own YouTube channel.  You can watch the video on this page. 


Meanwhile, The Babys have initiated a direct to fan pre-sale campaign for the new album via Loyal followers of the band can pre-order the album and also become active participants following the progress of the new record in tandem with the group itself.


In November and December, The Babys successfully completed a string of shows in Las Vegas, San Diego, Portland and Seattle. Currently hard at work penning new material, look for the first new Babys album in the first quarter of 2014 with an extensive slate of tour dates to follow. 


Formed in London in 1974, The Babys were signed to Chrysalis Records on the basis of a four-song video, which predated the MTV video phenomenon by several years. Combining the muscular musical grit of Free/Humble Pie with a winning commercial sensibility, The Babys released five albums between 1977-1980 (The Babys, Broken Heart, Head First, Union Jacks and On the Edge) which yielded such hits as Isn't it Time, Every Time I Think of You, Head First, Back on My Feet Again, Midnight Rendezvous and Turn and Walk Away. During that time, the group toured with the likes of Journey, Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick and built a loyal following based on their spectacular songs and explosive live performances. The group disbanded in December of 1980. 


Now armed with a new single, forthcoming new album and accompanying national tour dates, The Babys are proving that they're not ready to say goodbye.