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Part One

Artist: American Bloomers

Label: Thunk Enterprises

Reviewed: February, 2012



I’m always surprised and humbled when I’m asked to review music by talent that is working hard to become known in the rough and tumble world of music.  As one might expect, not everything I am asked to review is what I would recommend listening to.  I mean, take my Uncle Harvey for instance.  There’s no way I’d review his yet-to-be-released CD entitled, “Uncle Harvey’s Hambone Favorites”.  It just ain’t gonna happen. 


In all seriousness, though, I respect hard working acts who are taking their work and craft seriously and striving for excellence.  These are all key ingredients to successful artists taking their careers to the next level. 


I recently became aware of a Los Angeles based band called American Bloomers.  The band is a trio made of a brother/sister team (Jane and Jonathan Sheldon) and their friend, Jaime Wyatt and have a very tight, well developed sound that has been referred to as “upbeat, sunny retro pop” by  I think that describes them quite well. 


I received the album after receiving a single to sample.  I was quite impressed with the sound.  Yeah, “retro pop” pretty well nails it.  I wanted to hear more and received their “EP” entitled Part One and is the prequel to their full length album that is scheduled for release later this year. 


Upon listening to this EP, I felt that I was taken back in time to, say, Shindig!, but yet hearing it in a modern context.  The first cut, Blue Dream, snags your attention from the git-go with its catchy, happy pop sound. There are so many things about that song that will give you multiple, pleasant earworms that you’ll not be in any hurry to get rid of. 


Never Had The Chance has some definite crossover appeal to the country music genre – like what one might get if you were to blend Lady Antebellum with the Mama’s and the Pappa’s with a little Sheryl Crow mixed in.  I’d be tempted to wager someone’s next paycheck that, if Nashville hears American Bloomer – and this tune in particular – they’ll want to have a chat with them.  Just sayin’ . . .  


Fell For Love is another earworm rich tune. This tune is what Fleetwood Mac would sound like if they were starting today and were 30-something years younger.  Great, great tune.  Right on its heals is the Boomerocity favorite, Love Will Wreck You.  This brilliantly written and performed song is – is- well, it’s chock full of perfectly blended vibes and sounds from the past that I get giddy listening to it.  This one suffered multiple slaps of the repeat button. 


The last two songs on this EP (Shamrock and Faded) are the perfect kinds of tunes to conclude the album with.  Again, beautifully written lyrics and melodies on a foundation of incredibly tight harmonies, these tunes put a perfect “bow” on the great package of music. 


American Bloomers is another up and coming band that I look forward to hearing a lot more from and about. If they keep up this great work, there’s no doubt that I – and you- will . 




Written by Randy Patterson
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