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Queen: Days of Our Lives
By: Queen
Label: Queen Productions Ltd./Eagle Rock  Entertainment Ltd.
Review Date: January, 2012

Queen: Days of Our Lives is theDVD to own if you want a documentary that, without any doubt, is the definitive documentary of one of the most flamboyant rock acts in history: Queen.

The documentary is a raw, gritty, informative, warts-and-all portrait of the band. It tells the story of four college students met up in 1971and started one of the world’s greatest rock and roll bands. Since their forming, the band recorded an astonishing 26 albums with estimates of sales of between 150 and 300 million units.  With numbers like that, it’s no mystery how and why the band’s music is embedded both in the soundtrack of our youth and in our musical and societal DNA.

Directed by Matt Casey and produced by long-time Queen collaborators Simon Lupton and Rhys Thomas, it is in this DVD that, for the first time, the band shares their incredible story. The two-disc set is a treasure trove of interviews – including new interviews with Brian May and Roger Taylor – as well as recently discovered video of the band’s first ever television performance and other never-before-seen archival footage.

In telling what drove this must-have documentary, Rhys Thomas said, “We set out to make the definitive Queen documentary. It’s a funny, honest, inspiring and ultimately tragic account of ‘a certain band called Queen, as told by the band themselves.  We tell the story of four students who met in West London, slogged hard and conquered the world, ultimately changing the world forever.”

In the UK in May, 2011, BBC broadcast Queen: Days of Our Lives over two nights to a reported 3 million viewers, resulting in it being the highest rated TV show in its time slot.

I enjoyed watching every second of each disc.  It's that good.  There are two segments that are particular Boomerocity favorites:

· Guitarist Brian May tells of bringing his parents over from the UK to see Queen perform at New York’s Madison Square Garden.  It is a very, very touching vignette.

· The segments of the last recording session and color video outtakes of the music video show on this review show and tell a Freddie Mercury as his body was losing its battle against AIDS.

Queen: Days of Our Lives will hit stores on January 31, 2012 and will be available in both standard DVD and Blu-Ray (which includes additional material that couldn’t fit in the standard DVD format).