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Really Let It Out


Released: December, 2012

Reviewed: January 20, 2013



Neverwonder is a hot Los Angeles based band who has just released their third CD entitled Really Let It Out.  The project debuts the beautiful and talented Alima Soul as their new lead singer and, wow!  What a voice she has, building on the band’s unique sound that is a blend of soul, rock and pop.  Her voice fits the band like a surgical glove. You can tell there’s a genuine chemistry and symmetry with band mates Vincent Ramos (bass and background vocals), Andres Ramos (Drums, percussion and background vocals) and Scott Ramsay (guitars and background vocals). 


Really Let It Out is made up of five great tunes that are full of soul and energy. Right out of the chute is Help Me that will part your hair right down the middle.  Followed by Spinning, the Santana-esque song shows the breadth of the talent contained within this band.  Let It Out gets down and dirty and is followed by the introspectively beautiful Enough. The CD finishes off with a “lounge” version of Spinning.  I defy anyone to be able to pick which version of the song is their favorite.  Both versions are incredible. 


Neverwonder is a great band that you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on. I know that Boomerocity certainly will.




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