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Record Machine
Buzz Cason
Label: Plowboy Records
Release Date: August 21, 2015
Review Date: August 16, 2015


Rockabilly Hall of Famer Buzz Cason is coming our with his latest album - his second via Plowboy Records.

After wrapping up a very successful UK/US tour last year, Buzz hunkered down at his famed Creative Workshop studio with engineer, Joe Funderburk, to begin pouring his soul into “Record Machine”.

Buzz Cason notes in the opening title track, which is a love letter to his record player (for reals), that he has rock n roll, R&B, and everything in between on his record machine. That is fully evidenced in the remaining tunes on the album. 

“Record Machine” is an eclectic mix of Americana sounds, with rock, folk, rockabilly, and even a touch of reggae thrown in for good measure. You really must check out his loosened-up remake of George Jones’s, “She Thinks I Still Care” (written by Buzz’s friend, Dickey Lee).’ “

The other ten original tracks visit different moods and stories, from the stripped-down acoustic skip of “Don’t Worry Mama”, Dodgin’ Bullets, “Just My Dreams” and several more. 

With a career six decades rich as a performer, songwriter, and publisher, Buzz Cason has touched upon every facet of the music industry, as well as influenced countless musicians and fans. Referred to as, “The Father of Nashville Rock, Buzz has created songs that have gone on to live beyond the genre – from the classic, “Everlasting Love” (recorded by U2, Gloria Estefan, Robert Knight and Carl Carlton) to “Soldier of Love” (recorded by The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Marshall Crenshaw and Arthur Alexander). In fact, to this day, Buzz is the only songwriter credited with cuts by The Beatles, Pearl Jam, AND U2.  Buzz’s musical legacy continues on with the release of “Record Machine”.