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Ryan McGarvey

Label: Ryan McGarvery

Review Date: June 24, 2012



Ryan McGarvey is one of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s, best kept secrets.  This young, extremely talented and very friendly guitar slinger should be held as one of the city’s (if not states) musical treasures, if you ask me.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing this young man perform and meeting him at the 2011 Dallas International Guitar Festival and he is one of the most amazing guitarists you’ll ever have the privilege of listening to. 


Yeah, he’s that good.  Seriously. 


McGarvey is set to release his second solo effort, Redefined – his follow-up CD to his 2007 debut album, Forward in Reverse, is still an oft listened to favorite on the Boomerocity jukebox.  Something tells me that Redefined will be joining that album in the very near future. 


Redefined is straight forward – and often blues based – rock and roll driven by McGarvey’s signature, prodigious guitar work.  Right out of the chute, Ryan stomps out with the heavy blues/rocker, All the Little Things.  This little gems earned uncountable slaps of the repeat button on the Boomerocity jukebox. 


Blues Knockin’ at My Door is a great road trip tune in the spirit of ZZ Top but with the distinctive, scary good, signature McGarvey sound. This is one monster of a tune and well worth the price of the CD just for this song alone. 


The third randomly picked Boomerocity favorite from Redefined is Prove Myself. The guitar is devastatingly brilliant (and, again, scary good!).  I’ve love to watch McGarvey perform this one live and just see what kind of improvisational guitar work he would come up with in a live environment. Oh, wait, we all can see it on the video posted on this page. Check it out! 


If you love great guitar work in the vein of Clapton, Bonamassa or Page, the Ryan McGarvey is your man and Redefined is your CD.  He’s that good.  Seriously.




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