Kill or Be Kind

Written by Randy Patterson

killorbekindcoverKill or Be Kind
Samantha Fish
Rounder Records
Release Date September 20, 2019

If you aren’t already aware of, following, and a fan of Samantha Fish, you better get with the program ‘cause this girl is rising and rising fast in the blues world.

A mere 30 years old, she is already well beyond her years in musical, songwriting, recording, and performing talent. Some of us have said that she’s who you’ll get if you were to mix Amy Winehouse with any one of your favorite guitarists. That just begins to scratch the service. This woman is well in control of her talents, her business, and herself. Because of this, she will go far and should be with us for a very long time.

I caught her at the first of two shows to commemorate the release of her new CD, Kill or Be Kind. (If you’re not already familiar with her work, this is an excellent disc to become acquainted.) Obviously, the gigs showcased mostly songs from Kill or Be Kind. Tight. Raw. Smooth. Each song was a crowd pleaser.

Each of the eleven songs on the album earned repeated slaps on the Repeat button making the $0.86 per song on the downloaded album one of the best musical values of 2019.

Special call-outs:

Bulletproof: This first cut is a great way to open this album. It’s got a bit of Cream/Crossroads feel to it. Love, love, LOVE this cut!

Watch It Die: Be careful if you’re driving while listening to this song. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Dirty: The guitar work is slow, steady, and sexy. The feel is haunting. One of the eleven best cuts on this record. 

Buy Kill or Be Kind. After you do, I can all but guarantee you that you’ll be buying her other five albums right away. It would be a great gift for the blues lover on your gift list, too!