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Revolution Number 9

Artist: New Blues Revolution

Label: GIG International

Reviewed: February 10, 2013


New Blues Revolution is a hot band from Los Angeles that merges the best attributes of blues, jazz and rock into a great, fun, high-energy sound that will stick in your cranium forever.  It also just so happens that the band has a great new album out, Revolution Number 9.


When I popped my review copy of Revolution, I was immediately drawn into the band’s sound.  It both took me back in time while making me pleasantly aware of the present.  One song that especially symbolizes that feeling is Blue Revolution with its unique sound that one would get if they cloned The Fabulous Thunderbirds with Pablo Cruise. Wow! What a fun sound that is, too!


Sway is one of those tunes that gets right into your heart.  I suspect that this one gets the guys that can’t dance out onto the dance floor so that they can slow dance with their honey.  The ethereal instrumental, Pink 7, is worthy of unlimited slaps of the repeat button on  your player, I guarantee it.  The band’s cover of the Al Green tune, Take Me To The River is phenomenal and worth the price of the CD by itself. 


If you’re looking for fun, good time rock and blues, Revolution Number 9 is definitely a CD worth your attention.