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Label: earMusic/Eagle Rock Entertainment
Release Date: July 22, 2014
Review Date: August 03, 2014

SAGA’s new album Sagacity has released as a 2CD set and on digital formats, via earMusic / Eagle Rock Entertainment. The Canadian progressive rockers manage to keep their characteristic sound alive while adding a modern touch to their music.

Sagacity has some of the most intricately elegant compositions that one will ever hear from a prog rock band of any caliber. The album offers up striking guitar riffs, which go hand-in-hand with the extensive – and intensive - keyboard arrangements, along with Michael Sadler’s characteristic voice. Together, SAGA serves up a treasure chest full of 12 progressive rock anthems that will pleasantly burn themselves into the listener’s cranium.
Sagacity – the English expression which stands for wisdom and cleverness – pun intended – has always been a huge part of the band’s philosophy. SAGA has gotten wiser over the years, which shows in their thoughtful, multileveled lyrics, and their creative, inventive musical arrangements. Their richness of ideas reflects on the typical but always fresh keyboard sounds as well as their melodies. To top it off, there is Michael Sadler’s distinctive voice, which molds the sound of SAGA. Sagacity has it all – and more.
The 2CD includes a bonus CD, Saga Hits, including nine live recordings from an energetic performance at the SWR1 Rockarena festival in 2013. Ranging from one classic like “The Cross” to “On The Loose”, the bonus CD surely captures the incredible live atmosphere of that night. All of this makes Sagacity a must have addition to any prog rock fan’s listening library.