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Saturday Night Fever The Musical

February 12, 2016

Tennessee Theatre – Knoxville, TN


Photo by Carol Rosegg


When the movie, Saturday Night Fever, came out in 1977, I was a Freshman at a now-defunct Bible college in Fresno, California. The denomination behind the college forbade the attending of movies and those rules were passed down to our tiny college. 

But I and my girlfriend at the time went to the movie anyway and it was worth every demerit I think I received when my grievous sin was found out.

Those memories and more came flooding back to me during Friday night’s performance of the stage adaptation of that iconic movie.

This all new production of Saturday Night Fever The Musical not only leverages the monster hits by the Bee Gees but also peppers the performance with other big hits from those bygone days of disco. 

This contemporary retelling of the classic story captures the energy, passion and life-changing moments that have thrilled movie audiences since 1977.  Now, a new generation of dancers meets a new generation of playgoers to explore the soaring sounds and pulsating rhythms of this coming-of-age disco fantasy.

The music, costumes and lines from the movie brought smiles and cheers to the capacity crowd at the beautiful Tennessee Theatre (which is a great place to see shows like this one). Some in the crowd even stood up and danced (or tried to).

If you want to catch a stage production that is sure to bring back lots of memories and nostalgia, you’ll definitely want to Saturday Night Fever The Musical if comes anywhere near you.