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See Us Spin


Label: CTYCS

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Review Date: April 22, 2012



In the history of rock and roll, there was, of course, the British Invasion that gave us the likes of the iconic Beatles and Stones.  We’ve had the Irish Invasion that gave us groups like Thin Lizzy and U2.  We’ve even had the Canadian Invasion that gave us bands like Rush and Triumph. 


I’m here to tell you that we are about to witness the beginning of the Mexican rock and roll invasion and it’s going to be great!  Leading the charge from Guadalajar, Mexico, into the states is the band, ELAN.  The band is an overnight sensation that has been fifteen years in the making.  Led by the sister/brother team of Elán DeFan (vocals and keyboards) and Jan Carlo DeFan (lead guitar).  They’re backed on drums by their cousin, Cheech Bitar DeFan, and on bass by Charlie Padilla Maqueo.  Jan’s wing man on the guitar is Mauricio “El Pato” Lopez. Together they have sold 1.7 million albums that has prepared them for this trek north of the border.  


Their weapon of choice to invade America is their eighth album, See Us Spin – a nine song arsenal of great rock and roll the way it used to be played.  The rocket used ELAN uses as a warning shot into the states is the tune Bad Days Are Gone. With Elán’s incredible voice that conjures up memories of Janis Joplin and Jan Carlo’s masterful slide guitar both kicking major butt, American rock fans will wave the flag of surrender almost immediately. 


The rest of the weapons in the ELAN arsenal are equally devastating.  Of particular note is the bluesy and sultry Stranger.  Whether in your stereo, the smallest club or the largest arena, this tune stands strongly on its own and will have listeners mesmerized by its sound. DeFan’s guitar work on this song is wicked/scary good and Elán’s is – well, what can I say? That girl’s voice will cast guy and girl alike under its spell. 


One more tune on the Boomerocity short list of favorites (if we were forced to make one out of these nine great songs) is Peace and Guilt.  Elán’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and Jan’s guitar tastefully adds to the sounds of its loneliness. 


Take a front row seat to ELAN’s Mexican rock and roll invasion by ordering your own copy of See Us Spin.  You can also catch the Boomerocity interview with Jan Carlo DeFan as well as order the rest of their CD catalog here.




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