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somethingtobelieveincoverSomething To Believe In
Label: Independent
Review Date: July, 2010

Because of the work I don on, I am fortunate to receive lots of opportunities to listen to and, sometimes, review music by lots of artists and bands from all over the U.S. Because I am a one man operation, time constraints prevent me from covering many of the great, undiscovered talent all across the fruited plain. When I do get to cover some local talent like Atlanta’s Once Reckless or Santa Fe’s Ryan McGarvey, it’s always with the hope that I contribute in some small way to their eventual success.

This review is no exception. The difference is that, if you want to catch this great act, you’ll need to be in the U.K. – Plymouth, to be exact. The band is Eclypse and a rockin’ duo in the persons of Sarah Louise Avis (vocals) and Pete Lovett (guitar, keyboards and vocals).

No, they’re not married or otherwise romantically involved. However, they are musical partners that offer straight up rock and roll by way of original compositions as well as covers of work by Zeppelin, Joplin, and Pink Floyd.

I became aware of Eclypse by way of a very kind e-mail from Pete, complimenting the work and mission of We learned that we had similar life experiences – especially the kinds of events that have led us both to following our separate passions.

After being finding himself “redundant” (“laid off” in U.S.-speak) yet again, Lovett followed the advice of his wife and pursued his musical passion. The band, Eclypse, is the result.

Pete was kind enough to send me, all the way from Plymouth, England, a copy of the bands independently produced first CD, Something To Believe In. Of the ten songs on the disc, Pete wrote eight of them alone and the remaining two with help from friends Jim Wilkinson and Jim Remon. For a debut effort, results are astounding.

Something To Believe In will blast you right out of your seat with the first cut, Wrong Side of Town. A driving beat, sizzling guitar and gritty vocals lets you know from the git go what Eclypse is all about. I have no problem envisioning this song being quite the crowd pleaser when this is being performed.

Out of My Hands is a song that makes you want to hop into a convertible with the top down (the car’s – not yours) and hit the interstate with this tune on repeat. I’m thinking somewhere around the Arizona/New Mexico border, heading west on Interstate 40. Yeah, that’ll work. I love this song, can you tell?

Down and Dirty Blues is another great cut that will create a delightful earworm with Sarah’s vocals that remind me of Melissa Etheridge and Pete’s guitar work is flawlessly haunting and sizzling. I could listen to his solo on this tune on a continuous loop all day long. Yep, it’s that good!

Lovett steps up to the microphone with Got Me Where You Want Me that is certainly a crowd pleaser. If any of you movie producers are reading this, you’ll want to check this song out for possible use in one of your feel-good, love story projects. It will fit in quite nicely in the closing credits – after the guy and girl finally get together, of course.

And, Mr. Movie Producer, while you’re at it, you might also consider Once In A Lifetime. I’m just sayin’. Remember who told you about it, okay?

The album closes out with a tremendous blues number called Sweet Lovin’ Man. I LOVE this song and it’s a great tune to close out the CD. This is definitely a song destined for the repeat button. Sarah blows me away as she belts out the blues against the backdrop of Pete’s down and dirty blues axe work.

There are other great songs on this disc. If you want to know about them, you’ll just have to download the album. You can do so by clicking on the ad at the top of this page.

I hope that I get to make a trip across the pond someday soon so that I can catch Eclypse live. There’s no doubt in my mind that Sara and Pete have the makings of a great act that deserves great success. Until then, I’m going to enjoy listening to Something To Believe In.

If you’re going to be in or near Plymouth, England, check out the band. Until then, keep up with Sarah and Pet at You can also download this great little project. It’s a lot of fun to listen to!