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Son of An American Dream
Bill Curreri
Label: Bill Curreri Music, LLC
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Review Date: August 31, 2014

We’ve all heard tons of stories of starving musicians who make the near-ultimate sacrifice (starving while pursuing their musical passion) for the craft.  Sometimes, we even hear of those who work day jobs and then pursue their musical careers at night and on the weekends.

In the case of Bill Curreri, he set his musical dreams aside – even turning down a bona fide recording contract while in his twenties - in order to provide for his family. This was after growing up in Greenwich Village and seeing iconic artists perform at the legendary Fillmore East in the sixties.

After successfully rising in the ranks of the rough and tumble world of advertising, Curreri fulfilled a promise that he made to himself and began pursuing his musical aspirations.   The son of Italian immigrants, Bill was raised in a very tight family, strong work ethic and exposed by great music of the day. These are the themes and influences of his second album, “Son of An American Dream” which is the follow up to his debut disc, “Long Time Gone”.

“Son” is comprised of ten excellently crafted songs by Curreri that reveals a level of songwriting that many his senior have yet to attain. One is struck by the easily identifiable musical influences behind these original songs. You hear the Beatles and the Stones, Dylan and the Byrds and many, many other musical flavors with all drawing from Bill’s personal experiences over the years.

Curreri says of the album, “I’ve been told, ‘It’s strange that you’re doing it now,’ and to that I say, ‘I’m very fortunate that I’m doing it now because I have so many stories to tell, so many life lessons to give, so many mistakes I’ve made along the way, that I can now share with others.’ Hopefully, I can inspire others to avoid the mistakes I made and to learn from my positive life experiences. I could not have been as successful when I was younger as I think I can be today.”

Three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from “Son of An American Dream” are:

“Fade Away” – is a radio-worthy tune that is Curreri’s view of reality and truth. Occasionally, there are shades of Paul Revere and the Raiders’ “Cherokee Nation” with a lot of Tom Petty thrown in for extra kick. 

 “Last Chance For Changes” is a fun tune that focuses on the sixties counterculture. The guitar work is especially good on this tune.

“Pain Is Coming” is quite ethereal and has a very cool Crosby, Stills and Nash vibe to it earning the title of THE Boomerocity favorite off of this album. 

You might want to join Boomerocity in keeping an eye on Bill Curreri because we think we’ll be hearing a lot about him in the future.