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Label: Global Recording Artists

Reviewed: October 28, 2012



I dunno. Call me crazy but me thinks there’s something in the water in Marin County, California, that fosters and enables the writing of some great rock and roll, even alternative rock and roll. 


Case in point: There’s a band out of Marin County, California, who is making some of that great rock and roll. They’re called Flanelhed and they’ve been around for almost twenty years.  They’ve just recently released their third album, Static, and it’s one of those CD’s that will make you stand up and take notice.


Each of the eleven songs on Static are of a caliber one would expect from a band’s tenth album, not their third.  Well written, each tune is intricate in its structure and delivery. 


Three randomly chosen tunes are highlighted here for review: 


The title cut is one worth multiple slaps of the repeat button. You may as well slap it because the tune will embed it’s earworm in you on the first listen.   


Tornado Woman is another great cut from this album.  I haven’t seen the band perform yet but I suspect that this tune is quite the crowd-pleaser.  Hard driving and bleeding edge, this tune is THE Boomerocity favorite. 


Finally, Don’t Want.  Great guitar work, driving bass.  This tune’s a keeper! 


Speaking of keepers, keep your eyes on Flanelhed.  I suspect that we’ll be hearing a lot more about this band in the future. They’re that good.




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