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Tank Full of Blues

By: Dion

Label: Blue Horizon Ventures, LLC.

Reviewed: January, 2012



To many Boomerocity readers, the mention of the name, Dion, will conjure memories of the artist’s legendary work with his group, The Belmont’s, in the late 50’s, singing such hits as Where or When.  Others will remember his great solo work in the 60’s with big hits like The Wanderer and Abraham, Martin and John.  Still others might flash back to the early eighties when Dion was a major player in the contemporary Christian music field with his tune, I Put Away My Idols becoming an Dove Award hit in 1984.


Fast-forwarding to today, Dion has released Tank Full of Blues – his third consecutive blues release.  While the previous two, Bronx in Blue and Son of Skip James featured primarily covers of great blues tunes, Tank Full of Blues asserts who Dion is as a blues man.  His assertion is supported by the fact that eight of the eleven tunes on the album were written by Dion. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee says of the genre in almost ecclesiastical tones, "The blues is the naked cry of the human heart hoping to be whole or at peace with one's self".  This album reflects those feelings quite well.


From the title cut through his tribute to Robert Johnson and Jimmy Reed (Rides Blues) to the heartfelt, autobiographical praise to his Maker, Bronx Poem, the CD is top shelf and thought provoking on many levels. 


Boomerocity favorites (if forced to choose – they’re all great!):


Ride’s Blues: “I don’t know where I’m headin’, I can’t go back again . . .” The guitar work is dirty, gritty blues at it’s best.


My Baby’s Cryin’: Is the anthem for men everywhere and their women will shout a loud “amen!” to. “My baby’s crying’, I think it’s something that I said . . .”


Bronx Poem: This is what you get when Beat poetry meets the blues and Dion does so masterfully.  This tune is the next best thing to sitting across a table from the musical icon and sipping on a cup of coffee while he gives you a quick “elevator speech” of what is on the top of his mind about his life.  “God’s blesses me in spite of me, He’s the best, if I didn’t know me, I’d be impressed . . . I’ve got a wife that drives me sane . . .


Dion fans, music history buffs, and blues fans will all want to have this CD in their listening library.  It’s Dion.  It’s great. It’s fun. It’s masterfully written.  It’s a Tank Full of Blues.


Tank Full of Blues lands January 24, 2012.


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