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days coverThe Days of our Lives: The True Story Of One Family’s Dream And The Untold History Of Days Of Our Lives
Author: Ken Corday
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Reviewed: August, 2010

The legendary daytime soap opera, Days of our Lives, will mark its 45th anniversary on November 8th of this year. According to, it is the second longest running daytime soap opera still in production today.

Ahead of that momentous occasion, Executive Producer of the show (and son of two of its co-creators), Ken Corday, has written a book about the show’s story as well as the story of his family. The book is entitled The Days of our Lives: The True Story Of one Family’s Dream And The Untold History Of Days Of Our Lives. Though I’ve never been a regular view of daytime soap operas, I found Corday’s story about the show and his family to be a touching, riveting and fascinating read.

At slightly over 250 well-written pages, the book will fill you in on some great behind-the-scenes stories about Days of our Lives and your favorite characters on the show. Ken shares insight into the creation and launching of legendary show that his parents, Ted and Betty Corday, helped create. There are funny stories that take place behind the camera that will leave you laughing. There are spooky stories that will leave you shaking and there are sad and touching stories that will leave you crying. There are stories about the fans that will leave you scratching your head.

As Corday shares in his interview with Boomerocity, some of the biggest reactions he’s received from his readers have been regarding the sad and tragic story about his older brother, Christopher. If you have a friend or loved one who suffers from any sort of mental illness, you will want to hear Ken’s story about his late brother. The book closes with a poignant and fascinating story of how Ken was able to bring closure to Christopher’s untimely death. It will definitely touch your heart.

You’ll hear about fans who have a hard time separating fantasy from reality and use vegetables as deadly weapons. Yes. Seriously. And, if you love classic rock music, you’ll get a backstage view of Jimi Hendrix’s last U.S. concert before he passed away. You gain valuable insight into the business and economics of the Soap Opera industry.

As you can see, there’s a little bit of everything in this book that will appeal to every kind of interest.

Pick up or order a copy of The Days of our Lives: The True Story Of one Family’s Dream And The Untold History Of Days Of Our Lives at your favorite bookstore or order by clicking on the image at the upper right area of this page. While you’re at it, why not go ahead and pick up extra copies for Christmas gifts for your mom or mother-in-law who watched all those great “stories” when you were a kid. They’ll love the book!