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The Golden Novak Band
Label: Indie
Review Date: October 26, 2014

Do you like your music with a bit of rock, a bit of blues, maybe some Americana with some soul thrown in every now and then?  Then the new album by The Golden Novak Band is right up your alley.

Based out of Syracuse, New York, the trio of Brian Golden, Jess Novak and Mark Nanni has released a seven song CD that is a whole lot of fun to listen to due to its smorgasbord of delightful musical genres. From the Hendrix-inspired “Let It Shine,” all the way through the E-Street Band flavored, “Good Enough,” this disc is a blast to listen to.

I was especially won over by Jess Novak’s handling of “Chasing” and “New Song.” Her voice put me in mind at time of Bonnie Bramlett and other times of Bette Midler. Full of soul and grit, the latter song was christened with repeated slaps of the repeat button as I listened to it. Brian Golden’s guitar work was smokin’ hot on that song.

The production of this disc is spot on excellent; the musicianship superb; the vocals, bang on and the songwriting engaging. This album is definitely worth the $6.93 price tag to download it.