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The Road Chosen
Ryan McGarvey
Label: Ryan McGarvey
Release Date: November 04, 2014
Review Date: December 07, 2014

I’ve been following Ryan McGarvey ever since his debut album, “Forward In Reverse.”  I’ve been blown away by his abilities ever since Sass Jordan turned me on to him while I was interviewing her.  Brilliant written, performed and produced, I’ve got to say that his latest work, “The Road Chosen,” is, by far, Ryan’s best work to date.

McGarvey reels the listener in with the smooth love song, “Always and Forever.” The lyrics are well crafted; the melody and guitar solo brilliant. I absolutely love this song and can’t wait to watch Ryan perform this song live. I suspect that this one is a crowd pleaser.

The Cream-esque, “Fading Away,” is a great rocker that, while new, seems to conjure up memories from thirty-something years ago for old guys like me. I love this tune!

Following is the haunting, “Burnin’ Alive.” Wow! That’s all I can say is, “Wow!” You’ve GOT to listen to this tune. You’ll wind up putting it on continual repeat.

The instrumental, “Firework Eyes,” will light up your ears, sparkling them with amazing guitar work that is Ryan’s signature sound. If you wanted pick one song to see if you like this guy’s work, this would be the one.

“Goodbye Blues” sounds as if it was written at the crossroads with hounds of hell hot on McGarvey’s heels. Simply amazing.

For some silly reason, when I saw the title of the next song, “Little Red Riding Hood,” I was expecting something along the lines of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” Heh Heh . . . hardly. This tune stomps and a hard, trudging feel that gets under your skin. Of course, Ryan’s solo work is nothing short of mind-blowing.

“Mean Thing” rocks and rolls in a way that makes driving while listening to it a bit problematic . . . if one wants to avoid a speeding ticket. Again, I’d wager this tune is quite the crowd pleaser.

“Memphis” has got a grungy, dirty, ZZ Top vibe to it. I half expected to hear Billy Gibbons chime in with a “How! How! How!” but it didn’t happen. McGarvey’s solo on this song reflects a talent that few his senior can match.

By far THE Boomerocity favorite on this album is, “My Heart To You.” The lyrics are from the heart. The guitar work sounds as if it’s being played from there, too. It doesn’t get any better than this song.

“To An End” starts out with a great CSNY vibe to it before breaking lose to a Tom Petty rockin’ groove with a little pinch of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” thrown in for a little more flavor.

The funky rocker, “I Wish I Was Your Man,” is a great way to end this phenomenal new album by Ryan McGarvey. I’ll be a dollar to a donut that every feet will be dancing and every butt swaying when he plays this song live. I’ve got to hear this one live and loud . . . soon!

In short, you absolutely must by “The Road Chosen.” It’s one of the best new CDs of 2014. Seriously.