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The Rolling Stones
Bobby Dodd Stadium
Atlanta, Georgia
June 9, 2015

Photo By Lisa Nally-Patterson


Last night’s performance by the Rolling Stones at Atlanta’s Bobby Dodd Stadium was one for the record books. From the opening chords of “Start Me Up” to the final fireworks marking the end of the show, the band put on a show that pleased the sold out show of forty thousand of the Stones’ closest and dearest Atlanta friends.

When I interviewed Stones backup singer, Bernard Fowler, the day prior, he told me that the band was the best that they’ve ever been . . . and I have to agree. I do so not because it was error free, because it wasn’t. I agree because there was a sense of realness, of genuine fun and even whimsicalness amongst the band . . . especially from Mick.

Yeah, way.

This was my third time seeing the Stones perform. I own and have repeatedly watched their performance DVDs. Until last night, I have never seen Jagger joke, smile, laugh and compliment as much as he did last night. Nothing has been shared with me by anyone in the band or its organization but I have to wonder that there’s a greater appreciation of the lighter things of life. Perhaps since Mick suffered the losses last year of his long time girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, and his long time sax man, Bobby Keys, life has taken on new meaning. It’s his business and none of ours but I do like seeing a jovial Jagger after all these years.

Back to the show.

It’s virtually impossible for the Stones to play every song that every fan would want to hear during an approximately two hour show. That said, the boys from Britain served up great treatments of their classics. I got what I wanted with “Start Me Up,” “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,” “Miss You,” “Midnight Rambler,” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (with help from Emory University’s concert choir) as one of the two songs during the encore.

I hope that the Rolling Stones are around to perform for many more years to come. Judging from last night’s show, I think they will be.