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Through The Rain

Artist: Alastair Greene

Label: LeRoi Records

Review Date: March, 2012



Through the Rain is the latest release by Alastair Greene – lead guitarist for The Alan Parsons Live Project for the last couple of years.  The guitarist says of the project, “My goal for this record was to combine my love of blues with my hard rock influences and make a record that pushes the boundaries and challenges the perceptions of what is considered blues rock”.  Judging by the twelve cuts on the album, it’s safe to say that Mr. Greene has exceeded his goals.


The album opens with a little 43 second guitar solo entitled Before The Storm and, while a great intro into the equally great and hard rockin’ Through The Rain, I would’ve loved to have heard another, oh, I don’t know, say another 10 or 15 minutes of the solo. Yeah, it’s that good.


Another Boomerocity favorite on this album (not that there’s a song on here that isn’t liked) is Get Your Evil On.  Hard driving and chock full great riffs, we guarantee you that, if you love straight on rock and roll, this tune will have slappin’ the repeat button a whole bunch of times. In fact, the performance on this song explains likely explains why Alan Parsons says of Greene, “Alastair should be playing with the biggest bands in the world. I believe it’s just a matter of time.”


We do, too, Mr. Parsons.


Yet another favorite on Through The Rain is the Rolling Stonesesque All Of This Time as well as the oh-so brief acoustic instrumental, Dearly Departed which should be picked up by a TV show or movie as perfect music for a funeral scene.


Greene is aided on Rain by Jeff Bridges drummer, Tom Lackner and Dishwalla drummer George Pendergrast.  Bass work is covered by Greene, Jim Rankin and former Summercamp basist, Misha Feldmann.  On the tune, By The Way, Greene tag-teams guitar solo work with King’s X guitarist, Ty Tabor.


If you’ve got a hankerin’ for some straight forward, hard drivin’ rock and roll, order or download Through The Rain today. You’re gonna love it!


Written by Randy Patterson
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