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Time Can Change

Seth Walker

Label: Royal Potato

Release Date: June 19, 2012

Review Date: June 17, 2012



Seth Walker.  North Carolina born and bred by classically trained musician parents. Introduced to the blues at an early age by an uncle, that introduction sparked inside this talented artist a smooth, bluesy talent that has fed six albums over a 15 year period, the latest being his incredible Time Can Change. 


Walker has been extensively touring nationally with one of the highlights being his performance at last year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival.  During that touring, the blues man moved from his adopted home town of Austin, Texas, to Nashville, Tennessee.  Against this back drop of furious activity and change, Seth wrote songs from his heart – songs about life, love and the changes that one experiences when they move away and even the philosophical changes they experience as we go through life one day – one year – at a time.  The results of this creative introspection is the CD appropriately named, Time Can Change. 


Smooth, bluesy and incredibly mellow, this album is beautifully performed, recorded and produced to invite infinite playing of all incredibly delivered tracks.  Three randomly picked great ones to highlight are: 


The first cut of the album, Love is Through With Me. Silky smooth, this song finds a way to envelope the listener in such a way that the vibe of the song permeates every cell and pore of the listener’s being.  Listening to the tune, it’s easy to imagine Walker playing this song live and going into a delightfully long guitar solo.  I hope to hear such a solo in such a performance some day. 


All This Love is a great break-up love song with superbly crafted lyrics (“ . . . what am I going to do with all this love now that  you don’t need it anymore . . .”).  The guitar work nimble and smooth, this tune will permanently embed itself in your brain and pop every once in a while, giving you very pleasant earworms. 


Finally, Something’s Come Over Me, could be a staple at piano, jazz and blues clubs across the fruited plain, it’s that good.  The song is so lyrically realistic that I found myself leaving a tip for the waitress only to realize that I was still in my man cave. 


If you love great, smooth blues, Time Can Change is a must have addition to your listening library.  I highly recommend picking up or downloading a copy immediately . . . it’s that good.




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