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timeonmyhandscoverTime On My Hands
Jon Herington
Label: Wise Axe, Inc.
Reviewed: March 17, 2013

If you’ve had the privilege of catching a live Steely Dan show over the last fourteen years or have scooped up their last two albums, Two Against Nature or Everything Must Go, then you’ve been exposed – if not totally blown away by – the guitar work of Jon Herington. He’s also worked on solo projects with Donald Fagen as well as toured with the likes of Boz Scaggs, Fagen and Michael McDonald in the supergroup, Dukes of September.

With credentials like those, you know that Herington commands respect and attention from his peers as well as from fans and fine music aficionados alike. He especially does so with the ten great songs on his latest solo CD, Time On My Hands – along with help from his bandmates Dennis Espantman (bass and vocals) and Frank Pagano (drums and vocals). Also pitching in to help are two cats from Steely Dan: Donald Fagan and Jim Beard, as well as Gov’t Mule’s Danny Louis and Rob Morsberger (Marshal Crenshaw, My Morning Jacket, Crash Test Dummies).

Time On My Hands hits the listener right between the eyes. What really gets me about this album is treasure chest full of genius guitar solo gems that I never get tired of and brilliant songwriting. For instance, if you are like me and ever wondered what would happen if one could merge the sounds of, say, Steely Dan with, oh, I don’t know, Jimi Hendrix, I Hear They Shoot Horses will answer that question, making this a Boomerocity favorite.

Another Boomerocity favorite is the title cut. Fluidly rockin’ guitar work makes this tune a blast to listen to over and over again. Rounding out the Boomerocity choices of top three tunes from this album is the bluesy, slinky I Ain’t Got You. I love, love, love this tune and is worth the price of the whole album by itself.

Sure, Steely Dan and Donald Fagan fans will want to pick up this album. There’s no question about that. However, when they do, they’ll find that they’ll become steadfast Jon Herington fans based purely on his brilliant talent. You can bank on that.

Track Listing

Shine Shine Shine
Sweet Ginny Rose
I Ain’t Got You
Caroline Yes
Time On My Hands
Runnin’ Out of Time
I’ll Fix Your Wagon
I Hear They Shoot Horses
The Bucket Song