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Timi Yuro: The Complete Liberty Singles

Timi Yuro

Label: Real Gone Music

Release Date: June 26, 2012

Review Date: July 15, 2012



When people think of great, young female vocalists, names like Adele, Celine, Christina and even the late Amy Winehouse come to mind. In the sixties, there was a little girl with a HUGE voice by the name of Timi Yuro who was dubbed the greatest white soul singer of that decade – male or female.


Previous collections of her music focused on the singles that made her a star. Real Gone Music has corrected that grievous error with the release of The Complete Liberty Singles. The two-CD collection includes for the first time the A- and B-sides of all of the U.S. singles Timi released on Liberty Records during her two stints with the label, featuring the original mono single mixes, all fittingly remastered for CD release at Capitol Studios.


Among the hits included in the collection is her version of Hurt (including an Italian version in honor to Timi’s heritage).  The record books tell us that this performance was so mature viewers of her first television performances were stunned to see that such a riveting voice and performance came from a young, white 20-year-old girl from Chicago. Also included is the Phil Spector production of What’s A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You) and the historic Northern Soul single It’ll Never Be Over for Me/As Long as There Is You.


Backstory and biographical notes are provided by Co-Producer Ed Osborne, adding very interesting flavor to this must-have collection.  By adding this to your library, you’ll find out why everybody from Elvis to Morrissey counted Timi among their favorite singers.


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