Time Waits For No One

Written by Randy Patterson

Posted August 29, 2021


itsonlyrockandrollcoverClick Above To Order Your Copy“ . . . And time waits for no man, and it won't wait for me
Yes, time waits for no one, and it won't wait for thee . . .”

From Time Waits For No One by The Rolling Stones

As you likely already know by now, Rolling Stones’ only drummer, Charlie Watts, passed away on August 24th.

Plenty of accolades have been said about Charlie and rightfully so. I never met the man, but I know several who knew him and could honestly call him a friend. To a person, they all said that he was a warm and gracious man. He certainly seemed to be that way from everything I’ve read about him.

Baby boomers are already keenly aware that we’re already on the downside of this mountain called life. Forty or fifty years ago we thought we were going to live forever. That was forever ago and now it feels that our days are numbered.

They are.

Boomerocity was started, in part, to remember the lessons from our past because they’re still applicable today. We just have fewer days to apply them than we did forty or fifty years ago.

We’re not even assured of tomorrow.

It’s been estimated that Watts was worth roughly $250 million dollars at the time of his passing. That wealth likely helped him live a bit longer than he otherwise would have but, as he played in “Time Waits For No One,” when it was his time, life was done.

I don’t say these things to be dark, depressing, or macabre. I say them to encourage each of us – especially baby boomers – to be aware that we each only have a finite number of days left on this earth. We need to make each second count and to live our lives to the fullest of our abilities.

Love more.

Help more.

Learn more and put those lessons to good use.

Pray more. Pray for our world leaders. Pray for our – and your – enemies. Pray for those who are facing trials . . . even if you’re experiencing similar trials.

Listen more . . . and talk less.

Savor the moments with friends and loved ones.

Do meaningful, random acts of kindness anonymously so that the recipients will thank God. Our rewards will be in Heaven.

Don’t be drawn into meaningless arguments – especially defending people who don’t even know you exist.

Be a true peacemaker.

All in all, there are enough wavemakers on this earth. Be an instrument of peace, love, and helpfulness.

I’m told that Charlie Watts was a quiet giver. Yes, he was obviously the epitome of cool being the drummer for the Rolling Stones during a span of seven decades. However, I think being a quiet, gracious giver made him uber cool.

We can do the same, but we need to do so immediately because time waits for no one.

Rest in peace, Charlie.