Changes Part One

Written by Randy Patterson

Posted October 4, 2021

71qStJ8I3LL. SY445 Click Above To Order Your Copy. . . Don’t want to be a richer man . . . just gonna have to be a different man . . . Time may change me, but I can’t trace time . . .
From Changes by David Bowie

Where has the time gone? It seems just like yesterday that I could hardly wait to get my driver’s license or when I brought my daughter home from the hospital and so many other things that happened seemingly eons ago yet sometimes feel like yesterday.

When I reflect on my life and the seemingly quick passage of time, I’m often reminded of a poem written by the late Dr. Seuss:

How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before its afternoon.
December is here before its June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?

At this stage of my life, there are fewer days ahead of me than there are behind me, and I realized a long time ago that I must always strive to make each moment count and to savor them. Sometimes I neglect doing that. Other times, it seems that outside forces fight to prevent it from happening but, more times than not, I do my best to do those things.

It’s easy to get distracted and, sometimes, easier to get depressed when we realize that our time on this earth is running out. But, again, more times than not, I can almost always find the bright side of things; the silver linings around the storm clouds of life; the lemon aide within the lemons of discouragement.

Please don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting that I – or you – stick our heads into the sands of denial. That doesn’t help anything at all and, if we were to do that, we would be robbed of the lessons to be learned from seemingly negative events.

I know all too well how dark and lonely a night can get. I know how it feels to look around me and not see even a glimmer of hope or positivity in my life. I know very well what it’s like to be hated; to be avoided; to not be wanted or needed. I know the sting of betrayal and thievery from those close to me.

Those kinds of things hurt and change us. What I learned during those times is that those events will change us. It is entirely up to us as to how we allow those events – and time – change us.
There is great treasure in allowing time to pass in order to give us clarity into those events and what the lessons are to be learned. I personally feel that every event that takes place in one’s life – whether bad or good; happy or sad – are intended to draw one closer to God.

Many years ago, I was ripped off by a former business partner. It devasted my family. To say that I was angry and bitter would be a complete understatement. That person stole a dream that I had spent years working on and developing and they stole it right out from under me. Money was taken and reputations were sullied by that person’s actions. Friends took sides as to who was right and wrong without having any knowledge of the facts. My own pastor turned his back on me and my family because he was apparently “coin operated”.

I had a choice. I could let the bitterness and anger that was gnawing at me to completely devour me, or I can choose to move forward and get on with my life.

It took me quite a while, but I finally was able to think less and less about the treachery I had experienced and moved on.

Did I ever see “justice” done?

No. That person went on to prosper for a while.

However, my new path took me to places and experiences that I would’ve never had if I had stayed in my “dream business”.

Oh, sure, there have been many heartbreaks and hard disappointments since then. However, each event has taught me things and made me stronger.

Yes, time has changed me, but I’d like to think that it has been for the better. Yes, sometimes I take time for granted and then turn around, yet again, and am amazed at how quickly it passed. However, I did savor them, for better or for worse, no matter how quickly the time has flewn.

It’s my hope that we all can get better and living the moments left in our lives totally and completely, and that, in doing so, we make a positive impact on others.