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waitingforherWaiting For Her
The Uptown Band
Label: Schoolhouse Productions
Reviewed: July, 2011

The Uptown Band is a newlywed husband and wife team consisting of Erich Cawalla and Jenifer Kinder, who deliver a skillful blend of Pop, Jazz, R&B and Funk. How’s that for an eclectic yet tasteful mix?

From the catchy, earworm inducing opening cut, You Treated Me Good, Uptown commands your attention. Equally as catchy and mood boosting is the instrumental title cut, Waiting For Her. I dare you to listen to this song and try to keep your fingers or feet from tapping time along with the song. I betcha can’t do it.

In my opinion, one of the most impressive cuts of the album is the bands rendition of the Eddie Holman hit, Hey There Lonely Girl. Erich Cawalla nails those incredibly high falsetto notes in a manner that pays the ultimate tribute to Mr. Holman. It blew me away!

Jenifer Kinder offers up Way To Good For You with the perfect balance of funk, R&B with a cool jazz vibe thrown in there for good measure. This one, too, is a sure earworm inducing tune that you’ll love repeating in your head all day long.

Fall Down is another favorite of mine, if not for the dance-provoking melody, then for the sizzling hot guitar work delivered by Chris Swartz. That dude is scary good, I’m tellin’ ya!

The Uptown Band isn’t your regular, run of the mill band. Vocally and instrumentally, these guys are deadly in their execution of any music they choose to perform. Waiting For Her is an album to have for your listening pleasure in a variety of environments. Also, if you happen to catch these guys “live”, I’m told that they put on a heck of a show.

Maybe they’ll make it to the Dallas area so I can know for sure. One can certainly hope that they do.