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Brad Paisley
Label: Sony Nashville/Arista
Released: April 9, 2013
Reviewed: April 14, 2013

Boomerocity proudly and unashamedly broadens its musical review boundaries by reviewing country music.  And those boundaries could be expanded by a better CD than Wheelhouse, Brad Paisley’s latest album . . . and what an album it is.

Immediately raising controversy with the thought provoking duet, Accidental Racist, with LL Cool J, fondly remembering his southern roots with Southern Comfort Zone, or the moving and emotional I Can’t Change The World (one of three Boomerocity favorites), this album has it all for old and new Paisley fans, alike.

Loaded with lots of incredible guitar work – complete with is signature noodling (especially on Onryo) – as well as having a blast playing with Dierks Bently, Roger Miller and Hunter Hayes (on Outstanding In Our Field and another Boomerocity favorite), Mat Kearney (Pressing On A Bruise), Charlie Daniels and Sheryl Crow (Karate) and Eric Idle (Death of a Married Man), Wheelhouse is an audio treasure chest of ear-tickling delight.

When you buy this CD, be sure and pick up/download the deluxe version that gives you the four bonus tunes: Yankee Doodle Dixie, Facebook Friends, Get Even, and an acoustic version of Southern Comfort Zone (the final Boomerocity favorite).  Any one of those tunes is worth the extra pennies paid for that version of Wheelhouse.

If there’s anything disappointing about Wheelhouse, it would be the fact that Little Jimmy Dickens isn’t present with any of his hysterical contributions. Just listening to him talk brings a smile to my face so I was mildly disappointed that he’s not on this album.  Still, Wheelhouse is a more-than-welcome addition to my listening library and should be a part of yours, too.