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Posted November 2022

ORI ROCK CANDY Promos 2I remember watching the Michael Jackson documentary, This Is It, when it first came out thirteen years ago. It covers the rehearsals and behind the scenes activity of what was supposed to be a 50-show run at London’s O2 Arena. Sadly, due to Jackson’s untimely passing, those shows never happened and all the world got to see were the rehearsals documented in This Is It.

While watching the documentary, there was an individual who caught my – and the world’s – attention. She was a petite, blonde guitarist who had a mystique about her that commanded attention. Her solo on Beat It was every bit as captivating and compelling as the original. Prior to that, she was seen as Carrie Underwood’s guitarist at the 51st annual Grammy Awards. After Jackson O2 shows fell through, Orianthi took the place of Boomerocity friend, Damon Johnson, in Alice Cooper’s band.

I've waited a long time to land this interview. Just a heads up: there were some technical glitches that prevented us from pulling it off the way we wanted to. But we didn't let it stop us. We went with a phone interview with the legendary, perennially beautiful, and incredibly talented Orianthi. Her stands on its own. You can put her up against anybody else - male or female - and not put up pictures to show who’s playing and she would be right in there with some of the top players in this business.

Her amazing talent stands so strong on its own. But when you add to that talent her looks, her vibe, her – again, I’ll use the word, “mystique,” it brings a whole different kind of attraction to her as it does with others in her in her field.

568730Click Above To Order Your CopyIn addition to having done great work with Carrie Underwood, Michael Jackson, and Alice Cooper, she has also done lot of collaboration with stellar talent such as Brian Ray (Paul McCartney's guitarist who we've interviewed here), Cyril Niccolai, another good friend of Boomerocity. Her talent brings her in front of some of the best in the business because she is among the best in the business.

Orianthi and I talk about her new album, Rock Candy, the music business, her adoring fans, and . . . marriage proposals?

Yes. Listen to the interview.

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The Boomerocity Interview with Orianthi